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NAVYSTORES.COM is a website authorized to sell official products of the US NAVY® and AMERICA'S NAVY® Brand.

All products for sale are original and officially licensed by US NAVY to the company ICCAB srl.

The company ICCAB S.r.l., through its website NAVISTORES.COM, is the official reseller of all the products and brands present on this site.

The products sold are carefully selected with rigorous quality standards.

The company ICCAB S.r.l, through its NAVYSTORES.COM website, offers its customers the opportunity to purchase only items available in stock. It is not possible for the customer to order items that are not already available. Therefore, an order that contains an item that in the meantime, even if only by mere error, has become unavailable, is to be considered void.

The receipt of the Order by the company ICCAB S.r.l. through its website NAVYSTORES.COM, transmitted by the Customer by electronic transmission, does NOT determine the conclusion of the Contract.
Therefore, Your order will be considered as a contractual purchase proposal addressed to ICCAB srl, through its NAVYSTORES.COM website for the products included in the order, each considered individually. Upon receipt of your order, we will automatically send you a message of taking charge of the Order itself ("Order Receipt").
Receiving the Order does not constitute acceptance of your purchase proposal. By sending the Order receipt, we only confirm that we have received the order and subjected it to the data verification process and the availability of the products you requested. The sales contract with ICCAB s.r.l. through its website NAVYSTORES.COM will end only when we send you a separate e-mail accepting your purchase proposal which will also contain information relating to the shipment of the product ("Shipping confirmation").

With the conclusion of the Contract, the company ICCAB Srl, through its NAVYSTORES.COM website, undertakes to supply the customer with the ordered products, under the terms and conditions set forth in these Conditions, without prejudice to the right not to process orders against of subjects who do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or who do not fall within the aforementioned category of the "final consumer" or who, for whatever reason, the ordered product is not available for sale.

By sending the Order, the Customer unconditionally accepts and undertakes to observe in relations with ICCAB S.r.l. through its website NAVYSTORES.COM, all the provisions contained in these Conditions.
The placing of the Order, therefore, implies the complete knowledge and total and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of these Conditions, as well as the additional information contained in the web pages of the Site referred to here and / or connected via links.


1.1 Forms of payment

The purchased item must be paid at the same time as the purchase transaction is closed, by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal.


Those who want to pay online by credit card and / or via PayPal, have no additional commissions and risk absolutely nothing. Ineed, credit card data are encrypted during transmission and are managed directly by the payment platform we rely on with 3BSecure technology.

The company ICCAB S.r.l., through its website NAVYSTORES.COM at no time comes into possession of the credit card data either during the order / payment phase or subsequently

When making a payment, the user communicates the card data exclusively to the PayPal service or to the Credit Card service through a secure connection on the https protocol and encrypted at 256bit with the methods defined by the PayPal SSL security certificate or the service of Credit Cards.

To pay by credit card, you can use a Mastercard, Visa, Maestro or American Express credit card.

PayPal is an online payment system. For more information go to


By choosing this payment method, once the order has been placed, the following procedure must be followed:

The bank transfer must be made within 2 working days of placing the order (under penalty of cancellation of the order);
The reason on the bank transfer must indicate: the number and date of the order, the name and surname of the orderer;
The bank transfer must be made in favor of the licensee:

Beneficiary: ICCAB S.R.L

IBAN: IT22U0306921402100000000666


4. The banking practice is that the transfer made is credited to the beneficiary's current account (Webstore) no earlier than 1/2 working days from its execution.

The products are entrusted to the courier within 24 working hours following the acceptance of the order, which coincides with the receipt of the transferred amount: the bank ones mentioned must therefore be added to the normal delivery times.

Please note: if you wish to receive your order quickly, Bank Transfer is not the ideal payment method, but it is advisable to opt for credit card instead.

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