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Shipping times depend on the geographic destination of the goods. Generally all shipments in Italy arrive within 24 hours from the day the shipment was made (excluding holidays).

Shipments to Italy are made by express courier.

We always strive to ensure maximum efficiency in sending your orders placed on the US Navy, but sometimes, due to force majeure, the goods may not be available for immediate dispatch or the express courier service to which we entrust ours. shipments may be subject to delivery delays.

You can track the shipment of your order by entering your Tracking Number provided to US Navy on our website. Courier service.

You will find the Tracking Number of your order both in your personal area and in the shipping confirmation e-mail.

The express courier delivers from Monday to Friday during office hours and cannot make appointments. The courier will try to deliver the package for three consecutive working days, leaving a notification each time, on which you will find the number to contact our. Courier service.

In case of incorrect entry of the shipping address of the goods, any additional costs to be incurred by the courier after the goods have already been shipped are charged to the customer.

The customer must take care to carefully fill in the fields relating to:


if for any reason the shipment is not successfully delivered to the address provided by the customer in the commercial contract, the package will be returned to the sender at the expense of the customer. These amounts will be deducted from any refund to the customer by US NAVY. In case of non-delivery of the shipment, after the third delivery attempt, the express courier will automatically send to the sender (US NAVY9 the opening file of storage, with the reason for the non-delivery and the request for instructions for release.

US NAVY reserves the right to request the return of the goods after 3 working days, in the absence of provisions from the end customer. We remind our customers that the Opening Practice File has a cost of 6 Euros for each shipment made plus the cost of any return-return to the sender.

For all national and international services, the costs of storage and non-receipt are charged to the customer.


Italy - 1/2 days

Europe (Austria, Romania, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, France, the Principality of Monaco, Polonia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Bulgaria) - 2/4 days

  • the United Kingdom - 2/4 days
  • Switzerland - 2/4 days
  • Ukraine - 2/8 days
  • China - 2/8 days
  • USA - 2/8 days
  • Canada - 2/8 days
  • Japan - 2/8 days
  • Serbia - 2/4 days
  • Africa – 2/8 days
  • Australia – 2/8 days
  • Other - 2/8 days
  • Russia - delivery times may vary


Shipping is free worldwide.

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